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Aaron ArmsIn the spring of 2005 two cousins Joseph Palisi and Patrick Redmond came up with the idea of starting their own business. With Joe being trained in the area of HVAC and Patrick having worked in a Machine shop both had a love for all things mechanical; they also had another love, a love for guns!

Joe and Patrick spent a lot of time target shooting, going to gun shows, collecting and reading anything that had to do with the subject of guns, their history and how they worked. This eventually led to them building their own tactical weapons and, it was through this experience that the cousins realized they had a talent and a desire to bring it to the next level; thus a dream was born!

Soon they began to discuss a plan of action, what they would do and how they would do it. The only thing they could not decide was what to name their business. Some were discussed but nothing was set in stone! However, they were certain of their desire to provide quality products and services in the area of personal protection while defending the 2nd Amendment.

Today Aaron Arms is committed to all it set out to do. To aide those with the same love of guns, the American way of life and all it stands for. Sadly, Patrick is no longer with us but the dream continues with Joe. In a final act of loyalty to the cousin who shared in the dream Joe came up with the perfect name “Aaron Arms” to honor the memory of Patrick Aaron Redmond whom with out his valuable assistance none of this would have been possible.





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